The Fire Is Out Between Amber Rose and Kanye West

September 7th, 2018

Before, “Kimye” Kanye West was seen out and about dating video model Amber Rose. This was the time before he was head over heels in love with Kim Kardashian and her clan. Before the idea of being a husband and father even became a thought in his head. Kanye’s star still rising, along with being a young man himself, sees a stunning woman in a music. Kanye then does what most guys do when they see a girl they want to date, he calls her.What makes this so much more unique, besides the fact that it is Kanye, is that Amber Rose had previously never met Kanye West. Amber Rose had just made a video for Ludacris “What Them Girls Like” and when the phone rang with Kanye on the other end her truly though it was a prank. Kanye, in his determined nature, called back and convinced her to fly to L.A. with him. This would be the beginning of a two relationship.Frequently during the initial dating it was often denied in which Kanye’s publicists would remark that the couple was only friends. Amber was cautious with Kanye at first due to her reputation as a “party girl” and a “stripper”. Kanye told her he wasn’t concerned about her reputation, he just wanted to be with her. Amber remarked to the Daily Mirror that he once flew her to Paris to buy an outfit. Kanye would make her feel so pampered and loved. In 2010 the couple went their separate ways.

Since their break-up it is quite clear that Kanye moved on in which everything seemed to going quite well for him? Kanye has settled into family life including fatherhood with enjoyment. “Kimye” is expecting their second child soon but things don’t seem so cozy at home. Kim found some photos of Amber on Kanye’s computer in which of course she would not be too pleased.According to TMZ, during a radio interview Kanye dissed his ex by claiming he needed to take 30 showers after his break-up before dating Kim. Ouch! Of course this all started after Amber started a Twitter war by making some remarks of her own toward the youngest Kardashian Tyga. Amber referenced Tyga dating a much older man and how she should actually be at home in bed. It then led to Amber calling Kim a homewrecker, how that can be I do not know since Kanye and Amber were never engaged.The latest in the Amber/Kardashian wars is a drunken spiel that Amber made at club. A DJ at a club, in which Amber was in attendance, was playing Kanye’s music. She proceeded to drunkenly get up, grab the mike and yell for the DJ to stop playing the music. She goes on to say that Kanye does not write his own music, let’s play a ##%% who will write his own music. She then suggested Travi$ Scott. Mr. Scott was then silent. What is next for the unhappily split duo, only time or Twitter will tell bur as of now, we can keep our fingures crossed.