Is Kanye Jealous Over Kim Having Her Own Tape?

The celebrity status makes some of the people really do weird things so as to get more fans and followers. This is one of the main reasons why Kanye West may have felt, rapping is not getting him enough limelight, and opted to go for a Kanye West sex tape. This was meant to be a secret, but thanks to Radar Online, rumors have been confirmed there was a tape leaked. It is said to feature Kanye and a girl who claims to be 18 years old. The girl, who does not reveal her name is heard saying that she is married, but her husband has neglected her conjugal rights. As far as most people are concerned, this video appears to undermine Kim Kardashian, who is well known for a sex tape of her own. The Kanye West video does not seem to surprise most people; it was expected of him. He has severally confessed to be a porn lover, having watched the tape made by his own wife, Kim. In one interview, he is on record stating that the sex tapes were the biggest motivation for him to want to hook up with Kim Kardashian

Kanye West sex tape leak
There have been speculations from different sources that this may be triggered by the Kim and Ray J sex tape, which makes Kanye uncomfortable. However, he has consistently dismissed these speculations and continuously says that he is actually in love with the video and enjoys watching it, without any discomfort. Truth be told, Kanye is no apprentice as far as celebrity scandals are concerned and this rumor is truly a depiction of his character. In the recent past, he took a photo of his penis and circulated it to various women. This went viral in just a couple of minutes with tons of internet users searching for the pic.  Kim K Superstar ratings indicate that this was the most downloaded porn video that has ever been made. From the look of things, the current Kanye West tape might break the record set by his wife. The young girl, who is a Kim look-alike, seems to be making some serious moves, to complement Kanye’s manhood. In comparison, Kanye’s sex takes seem to be well orchestrated than Kim’s and this is why this Kanye West sex tape is assumed to spite Kim Kardashian’s image. 
The Kanye West sex tape is 20 minutes long and Kanye has recently admitted that there are some other videos in his possession besides this one. There is one that lasts a bit, which features different girls and Kanye West. When Kim was reached for a comment, she said that she is so proud of his man.
Kanye West leaked nude
One paparazzi asked Kim about her thoughts on the new leaked video and she said that she is not ashamed about it and she will stand by him, irrespective of whatever comes their way. She further added that she also not ashamed of her sex tape with Ray J. In as much as there are things that people do in their past and regret, as far as Kim is concerned, these are not part of the things she would regret. She making love is natural to everyone and does not see the big thing in the whole issue. This tape was leaked by Radar Online, who claim to have seen the full Kanye West tape.

Radar can fully confirm that this is certainly the work of Kanye West, as he is seen clearly on the video. In the 20 minutes, the two are seen to bang in various positions, with Kanye wearing a condom throughout. There is no foreplay or any other kind of interaction besides the sex. They both appear to mean business. You can tell that Kanye is well aware of the taping session since he is seen setting up the camera before they begin and he comes directly to it when they are done to turn it off. Some of the insiders in the sex industry claim that Kanye took this video before hooking up with Kim, and for this reason, he does not want it come out and would do anything to prevent the tape from going public. Most experts in the adult film industry claim that this would cost a fortune, with most people wanting to see it. Those who have seen it claim that it overshadows the one made by Kim.

Kanye has been on record saying that he is proud of Kim’s sex tape with Ray J and even raps about it in his song, titled Clique. This is the video that propelled Kim into the limelight. The insider confirmed that Kanye appeared depressed and was practically shedding tears when he learned that people are already shopping for his video. Even more interesting, has offered $1 million to the owner of the video. They are seeking to have full, exclusive rights from the anonymous owner so as to get the authority to host it on their site. Since there is a ready market, it would make millions, when it is released. says that this would boost Kim and Kanye’s careers and make them sex tape power couples. This porn site is committed to do whatever it takes to get it out to the public as soon as they get the full rights. Now we can clearly see that there so much that Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian share.

Private videos seem to be a common interest for the two celebrities. Kanye, has in the past indicated that he would use Kim’s video when he was having sex with other women so as to get in the mood and sustain it. For now, we would just have to wait and see if the Kanye West sex video will finally get released to the public domain.

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